Friday, March 8, 2013


In other news, I don't really have any other news to report. Let's try anyway:

1. Sunday I'll be running the 408k, which means that by Monday I may need double knee replacement surgery.

2. Tomorrow I'm having the first of I'm-not-sure-how-many tattoo removal sessions.

Ladies, I do not recommend getting tattoos A) when you're under 30 or B) that are in any way related to dudes you are dating when you are 19.

I've been staring at that thing for at least the last 15 years thinking "OMG YOU'RE SO TRASHY AND STUPID." I didn't get it BECAUSE of him, but he paid for it and the tattoo and the dude are related in my head. If I actually liked the tattoo I'm sure it would be different, but I don't, so they're connected.

For bonus excitement: I am anti-med spa and the only other place I found that did tattoo removals was this once-a-month pop up gang tattoo removal non-profit. I called them and confirmed that they did not discriminate against my non-gang-related tattoos, but HOOOOOOOOOO BOY, I'll betcha that'll be worth a blog post or two.

So that's what I'll be doing Saturday afternoon: Kicking it with former gang members who are trying to get their lives straightened out. WATCH ME FIND A NEW BOYFRIEND THERE. Probably one who is getting his life back together by working as a shipping and receiving clerk...because I can't seem to ever date NON-shipping and receiving clerks.

Or college graduates.

The gang member / former gang member thing will be a first though.



3. I am waiting to get to the part of weight loss where you lose enough weight that your joints stop hurting like motherfuckers. I'm fine with muscle soreness, but OMG MY KNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES. I know that knees are troublespots with even skinny people, but they say that even small amounts of weight loss reduce the stress on your knees by whatever percent.


The other old lady wah wah wah I have is that I did something to one of my hands (I think while riding my new bike..that I don't think I ever reported out on here, actually) and now I can't do pushups on my palms -- I have to do them on my knuckles and now my knuckles are getting ugly.

4. But yeah, I got a new bike! It was my own gift to myself and I love it:

I've been riding that thing every weekend -- like to Dailey Method and I'm getting double workouts. In theory I'll start riding it to my boxing classes once the time changes this weekend, but there's a lot of hood between me and the boxing class so it's not exactly scenic. I dunno though. We'll see.

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