Thursday, January 3, 2013

Blog Kari is Awesome: CHECK!

Another thing on my list of things to do:

Blog about how Kari is awesome

Remember that douchey ex boyfriend of mine who dumped me via FedEx? There were some other complications in that situation that involved some gray areas with regard to who he was dating and when and whether he had been completely truthful in the timelines of things, but in the end it all boils down to one fact: he's a cheater -- on me or on her I'm not quite sure, but that's irrelevant.

The upside is that his inarguable losery-ness plus the cheater-ness made it all relatively easy, once I emerged from the shock of the whole thing, to be very "OMG I DODGED A BULLET" about it all. Learn lessons, move on, whatevs.

Except I will admit that finding out a couple years later that he was going to MARRY the post/during-Elizabeth gray area girl sort of took the wind out of my sails for a minute. I told a few of my close friends about it and they all made me feel better about my reaction because I really expected them to be all "Who cares!? He's an ass, she's not much better, she's marrying a repeat cheater, they deserve each other and their bad karma, count your blessings!!" But instead they were all "YIKES! Yeah, that sucks."

So I prepared myself to maybe not feel so happy on the day of the wedding (which I assure you was not because I was sad about him, but more that I was sad because I was not the asshole in that love triangle but the assholes were the ones getting the day of happy) and to be okay with it, but what I was not expecting and what actually made me feel so loved and happy that day, was that my friend Kari spent her entire day reminding me that she cared.

So this post is not about him, it's about Kari because she's awesome.

Kari is a writer friend of mine who lives in Vermont with her writer husband and their non-writer dogs. They used to live in Massachusetts and I wrote about my visit to their house here:

If you've read that post you can tell that Kari and Eric are enthusiastic about life and the enthusiasm they showed for making this potentially melancholy day a nice day for me made me feel rich with friendship.

That day Kari (and sometimes Eric) sent me 40+ pictures and way more text messages telling me about all the things they were doing that day.

A trip to the farmer's market:

They went to visit her Gram in the nursing home. The community newsletter includes an APB regarding a found blinged out watch:

Eric tried on a couple different styles of farmer boots. I missed the real-time decision-making texts, but my vote turned out to be for the ones they bought:

They went to the grocery store. I'm impressed that they date their grocery lists:

Their lawn:

Their town was setting up for a haunted hayride night that would run in front of their house:

They built the first fire of the season:

They eventually went to bed and then, a few hours later, I did too.

What lovely friends, don't you think?


  1. They do sound lovely and you have many more friends to fill your life - which is awesome.

    P.S. I don't think we discussed the Fed Ex piece to the break up story and now I'm very puzzled and wondering how that works?

  2. I love this much more than the texts we shared that day. yeah two dudes, and their day of happy. SAME day. whatever. THIS post makes me happy. I hope to see you soon? XO Joan


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