Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I went to the airport to pick up my miracle niece and my SIL Who Does Not Wear John Deere Pajamas this evening. I was standing in baggage claim waiting for them when I heard Sarah say "There's Aunt Elizabeth!" to Baby AJ so I walked over to them, took AJ from Sarah and gave her 100 kisses.

At the same time, the flight crew was coming down the escalator and walking past us. I noticed that a few of them looked at us and smiled at the warm and fuzzy "my niece has been gone for five days and I missed her" cheek kissing that was happening. I commented to Sarah that AJ must have been a good girl on the flight because none of them were giving us "THANK GOD that nearly-two-year-old-who-has-all-of-her-Aunt-Elizabeth's-less-awesome-qualities is off our plane!!" looks. Sarah said that no, AJ slept for the whole flight.

Then later I was thinking about the beginning and the end of Love Actually and about how it talks about the arrivals gate at an airport as proof that love is all around us. That flight crew, for all the bullshit I'm sure their passengers offer them, are also lucky that they probably also get to see people being happy to see each other all the time.

Also: I'm not sure if not-quite-two-year-olds are suppppppposed to speak in full sentences, but I swear to you that if Baby AJ enunciated just a tiny bit better, she'd be about ready to join Toastmasters. (Assuming the topics involved Dora the Explorer, trains and the dog.)

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