Thursday, August 30, 2012

So, I had some unwelcome visitors removed...

Pre-cancerous cells, YAY. I'm now missing a chunk of flesh from my arm and a chunk of flesh from my back. No big deal, whatevs. (Except that my insurance only covers 85% and somehow my 15% has grown to be $600 and HOLY CRAP, PRE-CANCER IS EXPENSIVE!)

So that was a week ago and I've been struggling with itching and burning in the vicinity of the stitches all week long. I mistook it for the stitches themselves, but for whatever reason, this morning I put the fresh bandage on the other direction. That was 15 hours ago and I just took my shirt off and noticed that OH HEY, I seem to be having some sort of exciting reaction to THE BAND AID because the skin where the band aid had been is still all red and itchy and burning and the stitches are just minding their own business. It's hard to self-photograph the areas, but I think you get the drift:


  1. I had the same thing happen to me with the cloth band aids. For whatever reason the latex ones don't do that to me. I prefer the Hello Kitty band aids, and luckily they are latex.

  2. I'm convinced there's been a change in the glue formula or something because I had this problem too earlier this year and I've NEVER had this problem with teh fabric/cloth style band aids before.


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