Tuesday, October 28, 2014



A regular OPOTD:

Another OPOTD:

Airport Edition:

Another Aiport Edition:

And then a text thread lamenting the wine selection in Colorado:

In other news:

* IT IS COLD IN COLORADO. I'm supposed to be wrapping this travel adventure up in a couple of weeks though, GLORY HALLELUJAH.

* My baby nephews MELT MY HEART INTO A BIG OL' PUDDLE. On Sunday we were sitting on the floor and they'd leave my lap for a minute to go get another goldfish, but then would come right back to me. I want them to stay babies forever, but I also can't wait to see how awesome they get as they get older. EH Jr is a year older than them but still feels like a baby to me so I at least get two more years of kissing fat baby cheeks.

* My psychic said I'd meet the man of my dreams in October. I should have thought to ask her to specify the year because we have a few days left of October 2014 and it's not looking good. It's amazing how FEW attractive people there are on airplanes.

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