Friday, August 23, 2013

Yesterday's Horoscope + Waahh wah wah whateverrrrrr

I spent 2012 feeling really strong amidst all the drama going on in the lives of basically everyone around me, but right off the bat, 2013 turned me upside down and inside out and it’s a bunch of suuuuuuuuuper cliché blah blah blah and the silver lining is so thin I can hardly see it, but it is what it is.

This whole jumping-in-with-both-feet thing is bullshit and it’s just so much easier to remain guarded, which is a philosophy that is almost guaranteed to keep me single forever, but it’s very likely that I’m just not meant for that kind of success in life.

(Which is not wah wah wah, it just is what it is.)

But the whole point of this is that I happened to look at my horoscope yesterday (for work reasons, believe it or not) and it seemed very appropriate for my weird 2013 roller coaster:

(Though not really all that healthy because putting it off for a while is the same as letting it continue to draaaaaaaag out.)

And then I clicked on the yearly horoscope tab:

And now I’m thinking that maybe I need to take the whole jumping-in-with-both-feet thing seriously and not just quit the first time it fails. I mean, I’m willing to try skiing again even though it was way suckier and much more difficult than I thought it should be, so I guess why not this too?

But ugh. It's all just so much work and it's so much easier to just bury my head in the sand and start planning for spinsterhood. I should get some cats and some housedresses, STAT.



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  1. No cats! No housedresses! What I love about you, E, is that you live life. You experience, you love, you eat, you fail, you give, you laugh, you cry, you succeed, you travel, you work, you share, you LIVE. You do those things for you and I hope you don't ever stop. Because that's what it's all about - regardless of who (or if someone) ends up sharing that journey with you.


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