Sunday, June 23, 2013

SF Apt

So I have this apartment in San Francisco that I rent out to a lovely lady who happens to be an interior designer. She told me EONS ago that she was using the apt in her portfolio and I've been up there a handful of times since she moved in and it always blows my mind at how fantastic it looks. I thought the apt looked really, really lovely when I lived there and I was very proud of it, but HOLY CRAP, my tenant makes me look like a dull 30-something who has the suburbs in her heart.

For example, this was what my bookshelves looked like when I lived there:

Not overwhelmingly inspired, but perfectly fine.

In comparison, this is how my first tenant utilized the shelves:

And for reals, that was after she'd lived there for a couple of months. AND this was FOR SURE the cleanest and most organized area of the place when that chick lived there.

But then I got the BEST! TENANT! EVER!, who made the shelves look like THIS:

Absolutely incredible.

And when I lived there, the kitchen bar looked like this (I had a couple more things on those shelves -- I took them down to take this picture for the rental listing, but it was still pretty bland, now that I think about it):

And now? It looks like this:

The kitchen was the most amazing part that blew my mind the most when I saw it in person. My 1983 formica cabinets had been transformed and looked so chic and modern -- all with what she explained as basically vinyl stickers.

And the bedroom nook was never my overwhelmingly awesome, but it was fine:

She re-oriented the bed and changed the window coverings and WOW, it's lovely:

I remember thinking that my next door neighbor at the time had the chic gay man version of my apartment and I had the single 30-something lady version, but now my apartment can give his a run for its money!


(For a minnnnnnute these pictures made me reconsider whether my current home is too "suburban 30-something," but I don't think so. It's not as modern as my tenant's aesthetic, but it's very ME.)

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