Sunday, September 9, 2012


Obsession, originally uploaded by dumpstar_drummer.

I know we've already discussed my sticker system and anyone who sees my calendar knows I'm dedicated to it. Stars are for workout days and hearts are for weight watcher days. I always had trouble finding the exact correct stickers and then I couldn't find them at all anymore and the perfectionist in me was SO TORTURED over having to find a new sticker system after having this system for TEN YEARS (I also track the number of stars awarded in each month so I can keep trying to beat my record).

AND THEN I realized that just because the sticker company stopped making them, didn't mean sheets and sheets and sheets of them were available on eBay! For a fraction of the price, even!!

So I bought A LOT of them. I did the math and realized that at a consumption rate of four stars (four workouts) a week, I'll have enough star stickers to last me INTO MY FIFTIES!!!

I have fewer hearts, but let's face it, I suck at sticking to my weight watcher points and I go through those a lot slower. I don't track the heart ones with the same obsession as I do the star ones...but the sooner I run out of hearts the better because that'll probably also mean I'm less fat! Even if I stick to my WW points EVERY SINGLE DAY, I'd still have enough to get me through over SIX I'm good.

And I swear to you, even if they lose their stick, I'm do dedicated to my Rainman'y system that I'd TAPE those mofos into place.

So there ya go: My crazy...let me show you it.


  1. I keep saying that I am going to do something similar, but I never stick to it. I have all sorts of stickers that I have bought in hopes of doing this, but like you, I want them to be all matchy-matchy. I even bought some Spanish stickers in the $1 Target bin on Sunday that say things like, "Muy Bien!" I think the problem that I have is that I haven't been a paper calendar girl since smart phones.

  2. Oh, and CONGRATS on finding the motherload of hearts and star stickers to feed your Rainman system!


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