Wednesday, May 30, 2012 coming!

OMG you guys I swear to you I am writing the Guam post. Not that anyone is really DYING to read it or that I owe it to anyone (the only people who actually may care were THERE, so they know how great it was), but this has been on my to-do list for...uh...four months.

So it's coming. I thought I was going to wrap it up tonight but then I remembered that Carrie had a bunch of pictures that I wanted to include and I want to go to bed so I can be FRESH for Dailey Method tomorrow morning.

Aly and John are coming back to CA for a visit next month and I can't possibly allow them to come back before I've written about what wonderful hosts they were FOUR MONTHS AGO.

But don't hold your breath for Japan.

Though I will say that my "Guam and Tokyo" folder of pictures is a trip to scroll through because they're 50% tropical and beautiful and 50% cold and snowy.

Way to plan a vacation that requires two entirely different wardrobes. Next time, let's go to Jamaica and Norway!

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